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Acupressure massage Sweater treated with vitamin E.

Acupressure massage sweater is the best choice for those who want more energy! If you feel exhausted, lack of sleep, physical ability is on a low level, muscle tension, stiffness, headache, back or neck pain, or just need better and more sufficient rest your choice is this multi-functional sweater. It is like daily meditation everywhere …. in office, in plane, in car, in gym!!!

Many people may be concerned about puncturing their skin and wary of things like acupressure. By wearing acupressure massage sweater the skin is merely stimulated and the body receives all the benefits that are equal to actual acupressure. Besides the intensity of stimulation it can be easily adjusted with the tightness of the sweater on your body and placement of the plastic pressure pads. These pressure pads can be easily removed when necessary and placed to other areas for stimulation of other problematic areas of the body. This advantage allows you to wear this acupressure massage sweater all day long and to make it serve exactly according to your body needs.

Acupressure is a more than 3000 years old method. Acupressure methods today are used in a lot of modern TCM and massage products, but first time we developed this in combination with a sweater. This development of the massage sweater is based on this theoretical background and combined with the advantages of modern and innovative flat knitting techniques. Thanks to this combination you are wearing a brand new product based on traditional principles and smart technology. It’s a wearable feel good massage sweater. The sweaters functionality can be scaled individual and is wearable in many different situations. For example: long distance driving in your car, walking while you are shopping or just reading a book. On the other hand you can use it in active sports like hiking or jogging. More than 1000 pressure points are producing endorphins, leaving the body feeling deeply relaxed.


Material: 100% merino wool treated with vitamin E
Yarn: Bluesign certified
EXP chlorine free treated = sustainable super wash wool treatment
without using chlorine
Using Merino wool mulesing free , fulfilling RWS guide lines (animal
welfare) and Organica standard
Pads: made from durable, recyclable ABS polymers

– Innovation for sporty, outdoor and every day’s use
– 100% brand new and high quality
– perfect for relaxation exercises, meditation and yoga for anyone
– helps alleviate headaches, reduction of stress, muscle aches, tension
– special 3D technical knitted pockets. Due to the physiologically placed function pockets, an individual adaptation of the pressure zones and surfaces is possible. All garment plated with elastane to get special compression effect. Because of the elastic knitting structure it’s very comfortable to wear.
– integrated breathable zones for better body climate
– 100% machine washable
– sweater and pads should be washed separately
– high breathability because of the natural function of the fiber merino and the knitted structure.

Features of vitamin E:
• protects and regenerates the skin
• can bind free radicals
• reduces the oxidative stress of the skin
• supports the development of the skin barrier layer

1. Reduces back, neck, shoulders and arms pain
2. Improves blood circulations
3. Increases energy level
4. Deep sense of relaxation
5. Decreases muscular tension
6. Increases levels of endorphins
7. Increases uptake of oxygen
8. Improves sleep
9. Improves digestion